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Depth understanding of knowledge about machining

2013/9/6 14:36:53 0人评论 530次浏览 分类:Company News

For machining company , in terms of machining a lot of knowledge that we need to pay attention , let's common knowledge on these devices, manufacturing processes , production types and specific precautions to introduce so large that we can have a deeper machining cognition. 1 on Beijing 's common machining equipment , including digital milling , molding grinder digital , digital lathes, EDM machine, universal grinder, cylindrical grinder , the grinder, precision lathes and other equipment that can be precision parts turning, milling , planing, grinding and other processing , the processing accuracy of 2um. 2 Beijing machining company 's manufacturing processes Beijing machining processes including transport preservation of raw materials, production preparation , blank manufacturing, processing and heat treatment of parts, product assembly and commissioning content. By machining, materials change shape, size , and performance , making the finished product to meet the requirements . This process is also known as the process is determined by the order of one or a plurality of steps thereof. 3 Machining type of production machining , production types can usually be divided into three categories : single -piece production : that is a part of production alone , rarely repetitive . Mass production : that is the bulk of manufacturing the same parts. Mass production : the amount of product when manufacturing large, you need to be repeated often a part of the production . Part of the process in the preparation , due to the production of different types of parts , the processing method used , equipment, tools , and technical requirements of these blank areas are different. 4 Precautions machining ( 1 ) To facilitate processing operations to minimize unnecessary bending, tiptoe action. ( 2 ) positioning should be accurate and reliable, to prevent vibration , resulting in errors. Direction of movement ( 3 ) the direction of movement of the device is operating member and the operating member to meet the requirements , and be easy mark . ( 4 ) set the necessary interlocking mechanism to prevent uncoordinated actions appear operation dangerous. ( 5 ) the structure and the arrangement position of the handle , hand wheel , a button to meet the requirements. General Start button should be installed in the chassis , and installed to prevent accidental touches the retaining ring , shaft rod prolapse should be equipped with automatic device to prevent hand wheels, handles wounding. The above is Beijing machining company on machining knowledge in this area for everyone to do a bit specific introduction to help you in this regard for machining more knowledge and understanding.