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Sea freight up or a leading indicator

2013/9/10 17:33:15 0人评论 544次浏览 分类:Trade news

From the port price, last week Bohai thermal coal price index fell by 6 yuan / ton , steam coal trading during panic sell has continued, and led to the Bohai Rim quality thermal coal each transaction prices continue to decline .
Coal Advisory Centre ambitious analyst Zhang Zhibin said that while steam coal origin index was flat, but the turnover situation port for two days , is expected this week, port coal prices will continue to decline . But it is worth noting that , although the price of thermal coal port in the downstream channel is still running , but the coastal coal freight rates have been rising for four consecutive weeks , and the increase was widening , maritime transport coal more obvious signs of improvement .
    In August 7th to the 13th tariffs , for example, according to seaborne shipping freight index OCFI released data show that during the period of seaborne coal freight index ring to accelerate upward , to close at 792.57 points, weekly chain rose as high as 6.83 percent . Molecular index, the index closed at 822.43 in East line points upward by 7.41% MoM ; South China line index closed at 692.61 points, 4.58% MoM uplink , each index increased to expand the chain .
    Qinhuangdao seaborne coal market researcher Fang believes that the main coastal run high power group on coal and coal stocks fell shocks affecting the major shipping ports in northern anchorages to be installed as well as the rising number of ships on the south coast port operations typhoon generated , all of the current coastal coal freight transport market promotion played a role in fueling.
    Information analyst Liu Shanshan said coal freight coal prices tend to be a leading indicator , which indicates thermal coal consumer demand rebounded. Bohai thermal coal stocks seems to confirm this speculation . August 12 to August 18 , the Bohai Rim coal inventory decreased from the previous week 's 20.664 million tons to 20.02 million tons , a drop of 3.11 percent .
    Liu Shanshan believe that the origin of thermal coal prices stabilized go flat , after a certain period the price is expected to transfer to the port . From this perspective , despite the short-term thermal coal port prices still down expectations, but downstream end imminent , a downward spiral of inflection is also coming.