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From August 1 until December 31 to waive export commodities inspection

2013/9/10 17:09:22 0人评论 532次浏览 分类:Company News

Recently, the Ministry of Finance said that all outbound cargo , vehicles, containers and other objects to waive statutory inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine fees, but does not include the cost of vaccination and medical personnel exit fee , as well as enterprises and institutions bear and exit inspection voluntary quarantine commission concerning commercial detection and identification , exit quarantine treatment, animal immunization fees charged .
Shenzhen Haisheng Trade Network recently announced that the Ministry of Finance was informed that from August 1 until December 31 , free export commodity inspection and quarantine fees.
   This year, continuing grim foreign trade situation caused great concern in high-level research thoroughly after several rounds of joint research with the department , a number of stimulating foreign trade policy or will be launched soon .
    State Council executive meeting on July 24 raised six stable foreign trade measures , including the development of specific ways to facilitate customs clearance , import and export rectify operational charges , increase financial support for efforts to support integrated services in foreign trade enterprises, increase imports discount and keep the RMB exchange rate a reasonable and balanced level basically stable .
    State Administration of Taxation Secretary Wang also said late last month in the provinces ( autonomous regions and municipalities ) is mainly responsible for meeting the IRS , to speed up the export tax rebate , rebate audit to improve efficiency and accelerate progress rebates .
    Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance announced the " free " policy also pointed out that after waiving export commodity inspection and quarantine fees, inspection and quarantine authorities carry out their functions according to law shall be required to co-ordinate arrangements for funding by the central budget . Meanwhile , combine to promote the legal test system, study CIQ adjusted budgetary and financial management systems. Treasury explicitly , regions and departments must not delay or refuse to implement the policy for any reason.
    However , stimulation of foreign trade of the "free" policy is obviously touched a weak central government revenue growth this year .
    According to the latest public finance and expenditure published by the Ministry of Finance , the first seven months of this year , the central government increased by 2.6% , still lower than the 7% target budget 4.4 percent increase in revenue and lower than the local Ministry of Finance analysts believe that this mainly import taxes, domestic VAT , consumption tax in full or most of central tax revenues are declining or low cumulative growth .
    In recent months, the tax analysis of press releases and public revenue and expenditure press release , the Ministry of Finance has repeatedly sent out a signal the central fiscal revenue tight , July press release , the Ministry of Finance still , "said the annual income of the central government budget task is arduous . "
    Shenzhen Haisheng trade round to stimulate foreign trade network that "free" policy , showing exit inspection and quarantine agencies perform the functions required by law to be funded from the central budget to co-ordinate arrangements will undoubtedly further increase the pressure on central government spending , but China Social Sciences School Finance strategy researcher EQUAL previous interview that the government should have sufficient foresight , let businesses weather the storm , long- term future may bring more revenue sources to finance.