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Import and export of products to be labeled true origin

2013/9/10 17:04:39 0人评论 613次浏览 分类:Company News

" Origin " incident caused an uproar Da Vinci furniture . Although the city is currently no Da Vinci furniture sales, but the authenticity of origin of imported products other has yet to be tested. Jinhua CIQ responsible person stressed that even if it is an international brand imported furniture , entrusted to the processing factories in the Mainland , but also must be marked true origin.

It is understood that in addition to the use of the Da Vinci furniture is exposed Bonded "day trip" vacuity of origin , the other false labeling, the phenomenon of false propaganda , and in some other " Made in China" foreign brands are also widespread. "Made in China " marks of origin distortion and loss of control once again sounded the alarm.

Jinhua Exit Inspection and Quarantine , told reporters that in 2009 the council on 1131 export business executives from Dalian , Suzhou , Changsha, Hunan, Guangdong , Shenzhen and Jinhua conducted a questionnaire survey showed that only 33 % of companies in the export product the label "MADE IN CHINA". For the benefit of some enterprises to give up tagging, where 51% of the enterprise is to follow the customer arrangements , 10% of companies in order to facilitate the re-export trade ; trade activities in the OEM , 10.96 % of the enterprises had met customer requirements on product logo other countries or regions marked manufactured ; 8.66% of enterprises believe that "Made in China " likely to create " low-grade, quality time " feeling.

Results from the survey Shanghai customs , inspection and quarantine departments to see , in 2011 a total of 11 batches of homemade Da Vinci furniture company "export and then import" in Shanghai port , of which 10 batches from the domestic enterprises to export to the bonded logistics park , and then the general trade import declaration . After Bonded Logistics Park " tour" of Da Vinci furniture, the declaration " Origin " column says " China ", but in domestic circulation sales cycle, Leonardo da Vinci company did not inform consumers real information , will be made Furniture package became " imported Italian furniture ."

Article clearly states that " The People's Republic of China Import and Export Ordinance, the origin of goods ": " goods entirely in one country ( region ) obtained in the country ( region ) of origin ; two or more countries ( regions ) involved in the production of goods to finalize a substantive change in the country ( region ) of origin . " rather intriguing is that economic globalization " global sourcing, international division of labor "has become a trend, " Made in China "is not only in the world 's rising share of foreign trade , reputation also greatly enhanced. Why are some companies still have to "imported " under the guise of obscure its true origin ? In addition some companies to reap huge profits while deliberately as outside , some consumers fawning " only expensive " to show off wealth also play a role , but a deeper reason behind , it is our country from the "Made in China " to " Designed in China " transformation and upgrading of the pain.