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Containers marked International Organization for Standardization

2013/9/10 16:27:09 0人评论 562次浏览 分类:Trade news

In order to facilitate the identification of containers in circulation and use and manage , easy document preparation and transmission of information , so the international standardization organizations to develop a container tag , this standard that "container code , identification and marking " (ISO6346-1981 (E)). International Organization for Standardization marked with the essential requirements and optional tag tag categories , and each category tag labeled and job mark . Specifically, there is the main Container Code ; Box number or order number, check number ; container size and type code . 1 , an essential mark ) identification mark. It includes case on behalf of a good master , serial number and check number. ( 1) The main code . International Organization for Standardization requirements , main code represented by four Latin uppercase letters , the first three provisions of the box the Lord himself , with a fourth letter U always said . Good ( 2 ) order, also known as the box number from six Arab letters. If it is not a small figure 6 , then the effective number before the "0" with insufficient 6 . Such as " 053842 ." ( 3 ) check the numbers. Check digit is used for main code and sequence number records are accurate basis . It is located in the box number to an Arabic numerals plus a box represents . 2 ) Operating mark . It includes the following three elements : ( 1 ) Nominal weight and the weight of the custom tag . Rated weight that the total weight of the container , the weight of that empty container quality ( or empty weight ), ISO688 provisions should kilograms (kg) and pounds (lb) also said . ( 2 ) empty intermodal container land and water marks . Since only the stacking strength of the container layers . Thus the International Organization for Standardization container provides for a special flag , the flag is black , which is located in the upper left corner of the side and end walls , and the specified minimum size of the marks : high 127mm, length 355mm, letters mark the font height of at least 76mm. ( 3 ) Gordon tank top shock warning labels . This marks the end of feeding yellow colored triangle , generally located in tank containers and tank located at the top of the escalator climb to warn those who have a risk of electric shock body board . 2 , optional mark 1 ) identification mark which includes ( 1 ) Code of countries and regions , such as China with CN; United States with US (2) the size and type code ( box type code ) . 2 ) Operating mark . It includes ( 1 ) ultra- tag that is marked black numbers and border on a yellow bottom , this tag affixed to each side of the lower left corner of the container from the bottom at about 0.6m , while the bottom of the container attached to the main marker . Where the height of more than 2.6m containers should paste this tag. ( 2 ) International Union of Railways mark . Who meet the " International Union of Railways of the column " provides container , you can get this tag . The flag is the transport of containers necessary to pass on the European rail flag . 3 , peer marking containers during transport smooth transit through or into it , there are a variety of traffic signs must be posted by the requirements on the box , otherwise, you must go through the cumbersome certification procedures , extending the turnaround time of the container. The main passage marked on the container there ; safety approval plate , container approved license , pest control processing board inspection emblem and the International Union of Railways markings .