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Dongguan City, and International Air Freight Forwarders Limited

TEL :0769-21689089

FAX :0769-26985095


Address: South City ambitious road Goldman Sachs Technology Building Room 1103



The main shipping route

< European lines >

Hong Kong , Guangzhou direct flights to Frankfurt, London , Amsterdam , Milan, Manchester , Hamburg , Birmingham, Düsseldorf .


< United States and Canada >

        Hong Kong , Guangzhou direct flights to New York, Chicago , Los Angeles , Washington , San Francisco, Long Beach , Seattle , Columbus , Toronto, and Vancouver .


< In the East >

      Hong Kong , Guangzhou direct flights to Dubai, Munich , Lagos, Johannesburg , Casablanca and so on.


< Southeast Asia>

      Hong Kong, Shenzhen direct flights to Taiwan, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh , Manila , Seoul, Tokyo , Osaka, Jakarta, Singapore , Kuala Lumpur .


Imports by air

      Air import some products can not be generally applicable to the export of local customs , or larger quantities can be reasonably cost savings ; As we have matured in Europe , North America, Middle East, India , Southeast Asia and overseas network ; therefore we can provide home delivery imports by air to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen , if customers have special requirements we can provide extended to large urban areas within any one county ( door to door service ) .

      In addition to the general air import prohibited goods such as: liquid , batteries, high magnetic , corrosive , etc., conventional cargo goods and services we are providing billions of thinking based on 2013 through the first quarter to the second quarter statistics, imports by air . there are more food imports ( such as: milk , coffee, red wine ) , imported cosmetics , raw materials, among the top three.