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Customs Service

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Import declaration
Formal import declaration must provide original invoices, packing lists, contracts, Bill of Lading, certificate and other relevant information,
You can use the name of our company imports can also be imported using the name of your company, VAT invoice deductible.
Our company will arrange for customs clearance depending on the circumstances. General import clearance within three working days, the high efficiency of customs clearance, to ensure cargo security.
I also offer payment and foreign exchange, advance payment and other services.

Export declaration
Yantian / Shekou / Man Kam To / Huanggang / airport, bulk warehouse: Sun Gang Sinotrans, Kim arrived warehouse, bonded warehouse Yantian, Shekou and bonded warehouses of Portland warehouse etc.
The manufacturers (companies) simply provide the list of goods (materials, including product name, net weight, gross weight, box number, number of product specifications, value, brands, export ports, etc.) or provide information or product images templates instructions, the Division you can handle the customs declaration, inspection and other customs procedures, to ensure cargo security, faster customs clearance. customs lowest cost to 200 yuan / votes.